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The World is Ending...For Humans!

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The World is Ending...For Humans!

Postby mapoui » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:33 am

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... dings.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

this is front page, front forum news. the world grows less and less habitable by the minit for human beings, all by our own hand.

The Gulf of Mexico is dead with incalculable environmental consequences for humanity. huge areas of central europe has been contaminated by depleted uranium, ordered by Bill Clinton in his Kososvo war. much or Iraq, now Afghanistan and Palestine have been similarly poisoned bby depleted uranium and phosphous.

a huge area of the former Soviet Union has been poisoned by the accident that goes by the name CHERNOBYL.

and the people of the American Gulf of Mexico seaboard report significant poisoning by the mix of chemical associated with expose to raw oil such as Benzene, a most toxic substance. we are talking here of millions of Americans from Florida across, including Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.

then agai there are the devastations from careless and doh care damm oil production in Nigeria, the total disaster area that is Haiti/Dominican Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, the south Sudan. add the continuing devastation of most of South Africa due to the betrayal of that nation by the absolutely disgusting, traitorous and execrable Nelson Mandella, the normal socil devastation in the routine life of most americans. the on-going destrucvtion of Pakistan, the horror of Indias generalised overty, the horror of generalised African poverty, the bombed-out generalised ghetto conditions of Jamaican life...and on and on, everywhere...

not to mention the pollution of the entire planet by toxic chemicals, the poisoning of the food chain by genetically modifying the food species of plants and animals, the engineering of microscopic life-forms and their release into the natural environment and the situation is clear.....

humanity under the leadership of an exceedingly evil minority of people named Jewish, and an even more evil vanguard of them if that is possible called Zionists, have created a bomb of danger to human existence that is now beyond the ability of any one, beyond the abilities of the human species in total itself, to control.

it is my opinion that we have crossed the rubicon and it is all about to explode in our faces. there is no more possibility that we can save ourselves from what we have caused ourselves, and as such we are entirely deserving of the fate that is upon us.

watch what is happening

it is time to sit back and watch the cataclysm develop, relax, consider life and what it has been, could have been, even to continue to try and see if there are any possibilties by which we can continue. never give up they say, fight until they carry you out. thats true of course and while here is life and breath here is always a chance. but there aint many that remain if any at all
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Re: The World is Ending...For Humans!

Postby mapoui » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:59 am


take a look at what is happening in Iraq!

accordin to some reports I have seen, a great deal of Iraqui women refuse to become pregnant now for fear of producing monsters.

have wee seen the actual murder of the entire Iraqui population?

have we also seen a significant effect on America as returning troops walk with the effects of DU and infect their own wives and girfriends and begin a production line of monsters of americas very own?

are the wives of america service men even staying with them, allowing themselvesd to be impregnated by these men...or the husbands and spouses of american service women doing the same..leaving them and not having familes with them for fear of the same results?

look at what the americans under the domination of a Jewish minority has done to the human species.

when one looks at the deliberate introduction of AIDS, SARS, west Nile, Ebola, Cholera, Dengue into the human population one must ask what in the hell are we dealing with?

who are these people who do so much damage to planet earth?

how could any human being do these things....are they actually human or some alien planted among us to do as mch damage as possible?

can the human species survive, even live at all with these people whoever hey are?
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Re: The World is Ending...For Humans!

Postby mapoui » Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:43 am

one reason humans are in trouble is because everywhere we worship the DEVIL everywhere, in all nations races and religions.... and call it GOD.... GOOD, FINE, POSITIVE!

but in IT's name we justify genocide, war, the most massive destruction, cause the most incredible human suffering, toruture, rape and racism, exploitation, human superiority over oher humans ,...have created and keep going the most extraordianry, emmiserating social reality over the entire the globe.....

and all of this opposed to truth we have proven, truth that is available, even taught in some schools..and hardly beyond the natural intellect to spy out on its own... so that graduates can understand the world to satisfactory extent.

but these graduates despite their education and knowledge of the truth of humanity, come out of the schools, the universities and colleges and gladly, willingly, knowingly join in the rapine of the human species by itself, and extend the horror show, add their youthful energy and creativity and extreme, trained skill to the general human suicide going-on.

how can humanity pray to a real god and do evil..a god that is supposed to have created us all and the world with and for us, and who is the essence of the positive ITSELF?

how can humanity live by principles based on and extended from the doctrinal accompaniment of this god, revealed to our prophets, and do the opposite, immediately from such prayerful, worshipful activity?

how does one, a politician and prime minister, a president and a preacher, imam, ayatollah, monk, reverend, leaders of all sorts, speak the most principled language, mellifluidy to such extremes as Obama, Farakhan, Eric Williams, Jesse Jackson, the reverend, Al Sharpton, Mandella... so that they reflect sweetness and light. but immediately as they are done, even before because they spoke with evil intent, and as part of the lie that sorrounds us, leave the pulpit and do immediately all the evil listed above...opposite to the god they purport to represent?

that does not compute unless god is the devil playing god! for the results of all activity relevent to IT, to life based on precepts based on IT is totally evil, wicked, unhappy, sorrowful and suicidal

all of the preceeding describes the total lie of human social life, a comprehensive and total lie that we all participate in, routinely, every single day of our lives. we live as part of the lie, extend it, practise it, evolve it, carry it forward, immerse our children in it so that it goes forward with the generations.

but lies like all else are finite and full of consequences, results. lies are cause and produce effect...relevant and negative effect. consequently so far, human life has produced so much evil in human career sso far that we threaten our very own existence.
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