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" Shaka...When the Walls Fell!"

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" Shaka...When the Walls Fell!"

Postby mapoui » Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:00 pm


all of that and worse, with the drones constantly going, Obama is now doing in the world. The entity Obama is stacking up the bodies of blac and brown women and children by the hill all over planet earth. types of activity still, 100 years old, The Obama is still involved in, still carrying out on the world, carnage and destruction everywhere, mass murder, trickery, espionage...and LIES AND LIES AND MORE LIES.

what the hell ever happend to free and fair trade that allows all participants to get what they need and live well?

what the hell is american exceptionalism, that makes americans believe they own the world, even that under the feet of nations of people who have lived on their land for millenia?

what the what the Chinese do now, for all they need in the world is fair trade. the Chinese make fair trades deals all over the world for all that they need. that is what the Russians now do, the Iranians, Brazilians, Turkish, Argentines, Bolivians, Ecuadorians, Venezuelans, Cubans..... more and more these nations are devloping such mutulality for the benefit of all involved. only america, israel, England and India continue to carry on with the old atrocities as outlined here by Anderson, the former CIA agent.

but we did not now, and never needed him to tell us that. we have long known it, from the Ugly American, all the way through to those Anderson has listed and more. we can even go directly to the source...the american government itself.... throught FOIA and get declassified documents, that expose the utter wickedness of the americans and israelis in the world for so long now.

The Obama entity was supposed to have ended all of that as a blac man, in a direct line of political descent from MLK and malcolm X...as a descendant of victims of all this, related to current victims also, of that evil empire. for The Obama to come now and be THE PERPETRATOR of that evil is disgusting indeed, beyond words, beyond the capacity of the stomach to hold in!

The Obama entity is an abomination, totally out of sync with the needs of the world that has emerged....a development already anarchronistic as it emerged, successfully elected into the chair of the USA!

we must be relentless in exposing The Obama for the danger to human survival, to the condinued existence of humanity in nature. the Obama entity, as avartar of capitalism in its final stage and death throes, may be the embodiment of the anti-christ the christians have long awaited, in all his splendid, unparralled good looks, and unmatched intellectual and speaking capacities. certainly in his attitude and policies and the constant lies he tells The Obama is as old as Set himself as HE morhed from a positive deity into the devil himself. and as Set The Obama entitywould be almost as old as human time itself.

but to enage in a bit of age-old astrological mythology ....the sun has set on Set now and in the approaching age of Aquarious we would have precessed into a new world, a world of light in which no darkness can hide. the dragon of darkness, Apap, is now floundering about in its death throes as the light of the Woman of the Waters rises, the waters of the Queen of Heaven, of Nut, relentlessly devours him. The Obama entity cannot survive in the age of Aquarius. he and his linage are done! no more evil america and its psycopathic presidents. america will fall and the light will become complete over the world, and the world may live in peace and harmony. heaven may be approaching, heavn on earth, built by men and women for men and women, for peace, human development, and life!
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