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Some Thoughts

Postby mapoui » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:20 am

why have the Russians assumed their most annoying and relentless defensive postion relative to western expanison? along with their constant whinnig about it, it is the most silly and counter-productive response to what is a definite threat to Russian survival...which ultimately, or even earlier, can be explained only by Russian complicty with western expansion...and all their noise is just smoke and mirrors, propaganda for the people.

40 years ago studying marxism we came to know and understand the expansionary nature of capitalism, especially finance capitalism and what it would it would mean socially as it ripened into its final monopoly stage . now here we are in that final stage and all is happening as we knew it would. capitalism at all stages is expansionary and must expand or die. the Russians wold know this far more expertly than lay people such as I. Putin and Medvedev must know. they cannot help but know. the Russian state is excellent, full of experts capable of answering, at least intelletually any challenge face by the Russain people.

so why hasnt Russian leadership been in a posture ready to portecting the Russian state against western aggression..expansionary itself, at the very least top the extent required to match the west, in its one defence? they have no choice and they knbow it. so why have'nt they been acting, instaed of the constant, droning whine about what the west is doing, threatening to respond but never doing so?

to be fair they did invade Georgia to protect Russian interest. but they did so almost apogetically and very circumspect indeed.... limitedly, as if they were committing a sin they were forced into.


600 trillion dollars...more than the combined GDP of all the nations in the world in any one year to this point! that is the collective loss of the big bangs, the total of the bad paper they hold, from all the debt in the world forced on governments and people, from the bad stock market schemes deliberatly concocted to fleece the people. that is also the extent of their losses over time. but they will not write off this colossal figure. they hold it as debt and have foced it onto the governments books...the books of all governments in the world.

the banksters are forcing the entire global, population to pay this bill. the result socially is total debt slavery. by this debt the banksters have taken the entire planet as collateral. they are foreclosing on the whole planet. austerity everywhere. no expansion of human safety net anymore. all health plans are to be done away with, all pensions, dental plans, food programs, free education etc. only austerity and making room b cutbacks to pay interest. the US military with 700 bases around the world is the police to force compliance to the banksters. no one is exempt. all must work, have their wages confiscated, taxes removed and paid pittamces by which to maintian life to be abl;e to work.

this and worse is what is being forced on planet earth as we speak. the people own nothing. all is collateral than can be foreclosed on. most is being forclosed on. the homeless is a growing factor in social reality globally. all social infrastructure everywhere is crumbling. roads and transportation lines are not being repaired and maintained. bridges are crumbling into the seas and rivers, and valleys below. whatever reamains are to serve the rich where ever they live or frequent.

all democracy is disappearing. people are no longer free even to grow some food on a plot of land to eat and live. all food for the people must now be produced by the corporations. to gorw food in your backyard or on your veranda is illegal...already so in the USA. soon it will be everywhere

all of this looks good on the people! I want to gloat. " I told you so! I did! all the time. I was sick with worry!" but no one cared. even now people do not care..in case even they know whats going on.

and so the immediate human future is revealed...slavery, total complete slavery. no longer agricultural it is social slavery, including all the people. it is an equal opportunity slavery, a non-raical slavery. all will be equal in slavery and in the creamatories. there will be no racist arguments in death as to who shud be buried where with their own kind. racism will finally be over and done with. there will be..is already..equality in the slavery emerging in the world. all must work to pay the bankster. then die and be burned to ashes. no more land to be wasted on graves. who cares about religious sensibilities and doctrines! the land is to be banked for and by the bankster, regardless of what he does with it. even nothing! just leave it there. it is his land to do nothing with.

and soon snuff..if he does not already have it the bankster will have something to feed the people to make them all feel good in their slavery, a pacifier..prolly cannabis...or soem derivative. whatever tit will be desingned to do the job he wants, to pacify their people and make them love their servitude. ultimately this willbe accomplished by genetic engineering. the people will be bred to be stupid, to be able to accoplished the tasks set for them and that alone.

what a future that lies ahead. I cant wait!


there is one and only one force that is greater than the banksters, that can stop all this from evolving into the human future. and that force is the people in collective revolutionary action. thats it. society has evolved fully into its final stgae of generalised social ignorance. the people must now become the locus of social movement and must end their social ignorance and become the social drivers. sectarian etrism has runs its course and its continuation means social disaster and soon enuff human extinction.

thr banksters in charge can do nothng but folow the path of destruction, the path descrtibed above. they must expand, they must make profit or their system and power will collapse. in the proce of making xonstant profit they will consume the planet, turn it to ash and cinder, creat a dead zone. they have no choice.

already in the 250 years since the english 'industrial' revolution the human cup has overflowed with horror...horo upon horror with the x facrtor nonw included in the production of horror so the the actual hoorors now exceed human psychological capacity to contain. the actual destruction before our very eys of Iraq and Libya, the scope of fukushima, the wanton spread of depleted uranium around the world and the consequences of this is quite beyond human comprehension and ability to come with.

when one adds the unimaginable horror of the combined weaponry of mass destruction held around the world then it is clear that the psychological control of of all of this has escaped human controll completely. that the combined potential has driven humans quite mad and that at this stage with the contemplated use of some of this weaponry, may spare us all from the long, drawn-our horror of prolonged debt slavery, leading to brave new world and ultimatley extinction anyway, by a collective and cleansing roasting in a nuclear fire.

social revolution and the resulting democracy is all that can save humanity at this point. it is time for ordinary folk the world over to rise up and change social reality into their image and likeness. humanity has no chance otherwise. the capitalist/capitalism can lead only to human extinction, a resolution that is fast approaching.


for me the personality the most encapsulates the age is that of the preisdent himself Barack H Obama. not harper frm canada who may lok like a devil but as a minion, an imp really, is merley a very sick man. Tony Blair of Britain is a nut too but more carricature than Harpers seeming murderous psycopathy. the conservaive Cameron in replacement of of Blair is another wanton type, wanton in pure idiocy and blood-lust. and sarkozy is a natural, a Jew and a Zionist for whom evil is synonymous. one expect nothing but th coward lying and double fecedness he constantly expresses to the world.

it is in Obama we find the embodiment of pure naked evil, a quality from the start I found to express the devil as we have come to know him, Satan, Seth, the dessicating sun, the pure naked intent to do wrong, wickedness without remose, evil as goal, flowingly, without feeling and flaw, beautufuylly doing everything that is necessary to accomplish evil intent from the start without betraying an inkling of his purpose, lying all the time in fact, as if it is truth. this tall, bautiful, mellifluours, human being? as bautiful as the Morningstar but wicked as sin.

that is Obama, who lied to the american people so purposefully, so sincerely when all the time his intent was evil, that he captured their collective heart and caused them to expect that he would 'change' their rea;lity for the better..when now they have come to realise that he meant absolutely nothing of the kind from the start. that he in fact meant the opposite of all that he said on the wa to the ovel office. Obama is best understood by believing the absolutely opposite of all he has said and all says.

and now in the light of his predator drones wreaking havoc all over the world, in the light of his destruction of Libya and the horrific murder of Muamar gaddafi, in the light of his acceptance speech at the giving of his peace prize, of the assassination of americans all over the world, of his assassinations period, all remorselessly done, with endlessly more promised, we realise and know that in Obama we have what is athe purest evil ever to have sat in the american presidencey. and that indeed is saying soemthing for all and every americna president have been evil personified. and Obama is infinetly worse. he is evil itself. that is quite clear.

that is the stunning fact about Obama...his pure naked evil. that a blac man shud be as he overturns all I have always held about blac people a descendant of whom I am. despite Papa Doc, Bokassa, Paul kagame, Musaveni, Eric Gairy, Forbes Burnhamn, Obote and Amin, Zenawi, the bertayals by Mandella and Tutu, by Kenyatta, of Eric Williams and the manleys, the sale of Africans by our own elites into slavery in the new world, the betrayal of the current blac elites the world over...despite all this I held out hope of an African personality in keeping with the great social efficacy that was a feature of general african social evolution.

and with all this, from so much evil in the african dispora, in Obama however, I realise that he is heir to what is a significant strain of evil in african cultural evolutuon as well as that in white evolution from the bifurcation that led to the european population and culture.

as such there isnt much claim for a difference to be expected, even anticipated in a surge by blac people back to the top of global society. that wont wash really and is not soemthing to look forward to, unless you would be a king in it or something of substance that protects you for the vagaries of blac absolutism.

blac resurgence as a general thing holds out no hope for humanity for blac people are no differenct, no better than any other people. same freaking difference. socialist revolution however does indeed hold out the real hope for humanity for in democracy humanity does not have to hide truth nor flee from it. collectivey the resources of humany can be deployed to produce a developed humanity capable and on-going in the face of our truth, indeed making the best use of it, living by its dictates and achieving the full potential of the species
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