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Pray For Imran!

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Pray For Imran!

Postby mapoui » Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:26 pm

http://www.dawn.com/2011/11/26/imran-as ... 80%99.html

one of the few human beings I have respect for. He has taken on a thankless job in honesty and love for his people.

Imran is rich already, was bron rich and priviledged. there is no reason for him to take on this job save reason of humanity, sincerity.

Imran is in sync with the Pakistani ordianry massive, says what they know to be truth. as such Imran is in danger from the USA/NATO zionist devils, as well as the Pakistani elites who have been long bought out by those powers.

the figure of Muamar Gaddafi, disrespected and dessicicated flits across my mind as I contemplate Imran. Gaddaffi a great man who brought so much benefit to his people and hope to the world, did not deserve what happened to him in the end.

those who perpetrated such evil in the world must be brought to justice for their crime. the disespect of Gaddafi my other human beings just about broke my spirit. what kind of people can do such things to such a human being?

is humanity worthy of such of its members who die for the collective?

is humanity worthy of Gaddifi, of MLK and Malcolm, of Lennon and all the real human beings who have been killed by humanity itself, even as they preached love and brotherhood, democracy, human equality and peace?

at this time I dont think that we are, that we are a dog species, delusional and ridiculous involved at this time in our collective suicide. certainly Imran knows the risk he is taking. but as I understand things I think he he sees that social life is untennable as it is, that there is no chance of going on much longer given the way society is organised.

there must be democratic social change in which all the people become involved, participant in the social process fully, which must become focused on the survival of the collecitve and not just the 1%.

another positive development, the most impressive one for 30 years now is the OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT, that has spread all over the world. that is a brilliant movement underpinned democraic principles and foretold by the most brilliant analtytical minds of out time, foremost of whom was our own CLR James.

Imran and his party, the Occup movement, good developments that has prevented my toptal dispair this day.

Pray for Imran to watever god may exist. more important get active, develop analytic skils..of economics, of sociology, the study of society... so all come to know and be able to function sweetly at the level of the day in our social process, so we may change life positively and save the lives of such as Imran, the occupy movement, by giving both the protection of general social support and assistance in changing society for the better
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