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aBe bAileY Tycoon, Politician, Financier, Cricketer

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:02 am
by Gils
thief, murderer, liar and a oppressor to people of colour as his relationship to cecIL rhOdEs will no doubt testify. Born 6 November 1864, Cradock, Eastern Cape, South Africa – 10 August 1940.

Also the inspiration for the Imperial Cricket Council or what you would call today the ICC.

" Via his business interests and his ties to Cecil John Rhodes, Abe Bailey acquired substantial mining and land properties in the former Rhodesia. By the 1930s he was one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Bailey played three first-class matches for Transvaal. He played an important role in 1912 Triangular Tournament. He first proposed the idea on a trip to England in 1907, stating: "Inter-rivalry within the Empire cannot fail to draw together in closer friendly interest all those many thousands of our kinsmen who regard cricket as our national sport, while secondly it would probably give a direct stimulus to amateurism."

He also fought in the second boer war, presumably to protect his many interests in a next mans homeland."

Re: Abe Bailey Tycoon, Politician, Financier, Cricketer

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:47 am
by Gils
The triangular tournament was the precursor to Test cricket, played between Australia, England and South Africa, the only Test playing nations at the time.

" The idea of a competition involving all three of the nations then playing Test cricket (Australia, England and South Africa) was proposed at the first meeting of the Imperial Cricket Council in July, 1909. The original proposal was for a tournament to be held every four years, with the first hosted by England in 1912. "

Thats where your boy Abe Bailey comes in.

By 1928 a West Indian invitaional XI were allowed to participate alongside the established aristocracy and Test cricket was a growing sport, who among you believes their attitude, sentiments or the climate towards Afro and Indo players had thawed since 1912....

Considering the all white, plantocratic composition, of the team and administration very few I'll wager, that being the case what changes have taken place to alter ICC's founding sentiments since 1912 and what distinctions can be made with the present administrators of the game, either regionally or globally.

Black administrators with no power at ICC headquarters :?: Whoop de do :!:

Historically many Indos of the region have claimed there marginalisation in a selection process that has been administered for the most part by Afros. The accuracy of that claim is not the intent of this thread and would require in depth analysis. Regardless, the accusation along with a historical context do not dispel the observation BWICBC is essentially white men in blackface.

Having no global influence on the game is no different to 1925, neither is a losing team. The vengeful nature of administration appears to be the only power they wield, this again is no different from 100 years ago.

The ICC is the only body on earth to recognize this colonial relic of an organisation and so the enabler by default.

Many observers label these new emperors as mimic men & trough dwellers while others will identify them as opportunistic benefit adventurers & buccaneers whatever the case, globally cricket is no longer the growth industry it was 90 years ago and its premier format suffers dwindling interest in the region.

So what can we say these cuss toadians done to differentiate themselves from aBe bAiley's model of governance during their time.

In what order does it honor its stakeholders if, at all or does it simply remain true to strengthening the bonds of empire - as produced, written and directed by the ICC. ... Tournament"

Re: aBe bAileY Tycoon, Politician, Financier, Cricketer

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:26 am
by Gils
" To begin with the very weakness of South African cricket opened up the prospect that talented black players might be included in the national team. In 1894 the formidable *coloured fast bowler H Krom Hendricks was nominated by the transvaal for the first South African team to face England, only to be left behind because of his colour, evidently at the insistence of ceCil rHoDes ...

Wisden described the triangular tournament as the 'first trial of aBe bAileY's ambitous scheme', originally termed the Imperial Cricket Council to strengthen the bonds of union within the Empire....

The late victorian and early edwardian eras were a great time for privately sponsored touring, and South Africas stategic importance in the Empire helped ensure that it recieved its fair share of tours. "

There is a quote made famous by George Santanaya and later stolen by a theif named churchill which states ' Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it '.

I agree and offer, understanding how BWICBC cricket arrived at its present juncture is essential to any positive change that it may experience in the future.

Btw ceCil rHoDes father was a reverend, no doubt eager to spread his ghost spell to heathens and pagans of the dark continent but I'm unsure if Wilfried Rhodes, who represented England during the trianglur tournamnet, is also a relation.

I havent read this document fully but intend to do so, I'm sure it will make for enlightened reading. ... 112331.pdf"

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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2018 5:56 pm
by Gils
Wisden described the triangular tournament as the 'first trial of aBe bAileY's ambitous scheme', originally termed the Imperial Cricket Council to strengthen the bonds of union within the Empire....

Is that the purpose of BWI cricket, to strengthen the bonds of empire, Is that why the planter class and European aristocracy/admins were invited to become ICC members, when did the *black administrators who govern BWI affairs depart from this course :?:

I've heard it said many times in the past cricket is what unites the people of the region, ignoring Haiti, Cuba and Puerto Ricos as well as millions more forcibly brought to the new world now dispersed all around South America of course.

The statement in isolation may have a small degree of truth to it however, as of today British West Indian cricket is situated in a single location, this doesnt impact any other member state positively.

The asbsence of Caribbeans is a given when speaking of regional cricket, perhaps they have no strength for empire building.

In such a climate is it possible the whole function of BWI is founded on falsehood by intolerant racists before being perpetuated by opportunists who've all managed to bamboozle you into believing otherwise :?:

abE baiLey's politics cannot be whitewashed and like any other business in operation for over a century, ICC will respect its founding principles.