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Afro, The Fan and Me!

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Re: Afro, The Fan and Me!

Postby Gils » Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:45 am

mapoui wrote:

before afro came to this msb the occassions on which people attacked each other personally were few and far between.

due to his constant pressure afro has reduced the tenor of debate here to one replete with abusive langauege and personal attack, misogny, racism, idiotic simplicity and and down-right lunacy.

afro is a factor of human de-evolution....not one who improves mood, debate quality and general advance but one who takes us backward, into old stupid, inefficient behaviours of the past.

that is what is important as far as I am concerned.

I am not against what are called expletives. as in north america, cuss words should be legal, part of the free use of langauge. but they are best used in context, for the purpose for which all speech is intended..THE CONVEYANCE OF MEANING!

it is really hopeless to see afros posts, hundereds of them, all abusive, all capitalised and attacking ones sight, with the most senseless repetition of stupid, abusive langauge.

it is a serious turn off and hard work to avoid it everyday... dealing with these offensive, pointless nonsensical posts..so much so I have been tempted to stop posting several times in the past just because of afro.

all of this does nothing for me. I am long past this immaturity and backwardness. I thought I would use afro, string him out, make a lot of activity on the board, a place I have had a connection with from the start.

but that isnt working either. I have found myself regressing under afros pressure and I dont like that... I dont want the level of activity he represents and what it is doing to this board.

[/b[b]]in fact I would prefer that the activity on the board reduces rather than to deal with afros level, constantly

as far as I am concerned it is either afro raises his level or I dont speak with him, too him, or off him, as long as I am here. it is completely illogical for this to continue. and it certainly wont from my end of it

and if afros abusive nonsense and voluminous low level debating does not stop I will leave the board.

I have a lot to do with my time. I often steal time away from my usual duties to post here. or else between my work I am posting. thats a kind of commitment of love..for the game, the westindies, this board. but it cannot continue to be expressed indefinetly in these circumstances

it is either afro cuts out the personal attacks and brings his debate into sanity, responsive to the facts in the issues under consideration, admit truth where it stares us in the face, and expresses positively, his supposed love of westindies cricket relevant to the facts in issues, historical and current.

it is idiotic to talk of and consider westindies cricket in a vaccum of 20 years of focus. that is anti-intellectual, anti intelligent, a-historical and impractical. that does nothing for progress, hurts the development of intellect, and leaves a huge gap that has been filled in by expletive-ridden personal atack and abuse.

thats it for me. it changes or I am gone!

I have had enuff!

mapoui2 » Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:28 pm

I have no problem referencing AFRO. AFRO is not incompetent or illiterate. he knows his cricket well, is often sharp and full of insight.

at times right off the bat he saw what I was intimating when I spoke of cricketers and their form and worthiness for selection. he knew exactly what I was thinking from a few words...based on what had been going on.

so based on skills and smarts..ability.. I have no problem with AFRO. and I have said that here in these pages several times before.
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Re: Afro, The Fan and Me!

Postby AFRO » Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:10 am

GIRLS!!..anyone can change their mind duncy!!..just like when you RAN YOUR BIG MOUTH about helping to write a letter to the board and then turned COWARD and ran for the hills!!...it can happen to the best of us :lol: :lol: :lol: .
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Re: Afro, The Fan and Me!

Postby mapoui2 » Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:08 pm

all of this was going on. I did not know!

Gils is stuck in an emotional sump. in the grip about a dream he has about a small island called Jamaica, he wants to make into what I dont know. as a result his thought process limited by that context atrophies.

I am not god Gils. I, as a result of my life's experience and the growing content I possess as a result am capable of all you see here and whatever else contained in my soul . the same goes for you and everyone alive. that is why I know you process is in atrophy because it is clear what you are disciplined and m limited by

that is a risk all alive run due to the way life is. we live in a zero sum capitalist environment in which maximum exploitation of each other is the basis of routine existence. that results in maximum hurt in human relations at all levels of existence. everybody gets ripped off and hurt. and that hurt can turn into emotional embolisms that can result in every manner of personality shapes and forms possible..a quantity we do not know.

I see you in your own individual hurt and response, disciplined by what you want for Jamaica, a creation within which you may find peace that you can find no where else. that is why you want it not so...why you fight for it against what appears to be all common sense. you have your relative insights, have thought it through to the best f your ability and you work as hard as you can to achieve it.

me too! I have my own outlook conditioned by my experience as a west Indian black man. I consider myself lucky, fortunate, to have come out to this point with a wider perspective than you display.

I do not criticize nor attack your sincerity or commitment to your perspective. that would not be wise, would be wrong indeed. I criticise the hard reality of what you are trying to do, its limitations, your sense of the possibilities of your making your perspective real. it is impossible! what I see you want is not realizable. that is all.

the world is a whole, the human species is a whole despite the fact that we have become divided. we are such because the conditions in which we live, that gave rise to use made it so, made us so. we will come to that truth and respond to what we PROVE of existence positively or we will become extinct. human society will become integrated in the best ways it can, that promotes human chances in an evolutionary universe or we will die.

little societies functioning on their own even it if it made sense would be as temporary as all in existences is, provisional, precursor to another state that exists inside current reality product of the conditions of existed and what we know of them and how we use what we know to continue human existence.

so even if you achieve the Jamaican nationalism you are after it would not last, it would be precursor to something coming out of it relative to world reality and the real unified conditions of human existence at the stage we have achieved. we are all creating as we go, contributing to the overall development of universal reality. we cant help it. we live and do thing and all has an impact. all will change but change how?

something comes out of something else. nothing comes from nothing. that being the case the universe was always here and will always be here in whatever form evolution gives rise to in the ever expanding conditions of existence.

we are all attenuated by the conditions in which we live..by what we know. as a result I don't care if I am wrong about anything at all or saying that I am..admitting it. being wrong is what we exist in.


so I don't care if I am wrong. I will not stop being wrong or thinking out things and taking my chances in the best, calculated way I can giving myself the best chances to learn as I go. so what I give to AFRO is not giving anyway...it is his already, it is how he is and I just point it out.

I see you too GILs as poster of great ability with whom I disagree totally in his approach to west indian issues. but you have understood everything I have ever said here which is why I feel free to write this here because I know you will understand it and have the capability to take it apart, dissect it for value and in honesty or dishonesty say what you will about it.

I had to deal with AFRO from the start. I chose to deal with him. I dealt with him as I was capable all the way through.. the results are what you see. they are there for all to see and do with as they please.

I could have avoided AFRO, stopped posting and move on etc. but I dealt with him as I could and in the process I saw things about him good and bad relatively..not good and bad ideally, abstract good and bad as we have come to intellectualize under the pressure of religious abstraction.

truth is all I care about. I do not think like most people do as products of our schooling process. I have fought that process all my life. I stayed out of it as much as I could, developed my own methods and independent outlook. truth is all. if we live by lies what we have that possess for international sociology, and the existential brink we exist at, is the result

what you post up is the truth. it reflects reality. I have no trouble with it save it is not as whole as it can be. I have tried to add whole 'whole' to it that's what..the best I can do at the moment. it is right to whatever extent but also largely wrong..again the very nature of our reality.

but if I don't say such stuff I would never move on, develop, expand my knowledge. if we do not use up what we have in our drive to survive indefinitely we never will develop the means to achieve such indefinite survival indeed
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Re: Afro, The Fan and Me!

Postby Googley » Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:29 pm

Maps, i thought you said Gils gone after all the beating u gave him!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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