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Perfect Example of 'Male Female Complimentarity'

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Perfect Example of 'Male Female Complimentarity'

Postby mapoui2 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:00 am

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Re: Perfect Example of Male Female Complimentarity

Postby mapoui2 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:38 am

within the spectrum of natural human androgyny anything is possible. all manner of variations take place naturally producing gays, manly women and effeminate males...even genotype they are calling these days -In Gender

as humans come to understand the process of androgyny all manner of deliberate manipulations can be made on that basis, in human sexual and reproductive biology. imagine the social behaviors, actual and to come based on all of that. Pheeeew!

that spectrum of human behaviour produced within the various expressions of androgyny in men and women, does not make it possible to establish any such idea as male female complimentarity.

2 men can be just as complimentary as 2 women can be, or a man and a woman.

that is the problem with generalities and ideals. in real life they do not work. the possibilities are infinite, even on the existing bases that are known so far. and beyond that.

when I was growing up and learning agriculture it was thought that within a plant species we could do much by budding, grafting and genetic selection and crossing.....but the cell was the limit.

now we know that that is no limit lat all..that there are things going on with plants un-dreamt of and that the cell barrier is easily crossed if you know how...to make any dam combination possible
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Re: Perfect Example of 'Male Female Complimentarity'

Postby BallOil » Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:08 am

WTH?,Wah a gwaan after giving birth s/he wants to be registered as the father?
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Re: Perfect Example of 'Male Female Complimentarity'

Postby mapoui2 » Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:00 pm

BallOil wrote:WTH?,Wah a gwaan after giving birth s/he wants to be registered as the father?

well sure.....

lets see how the courts respond!

but yuh see al that is fuh dem fellas and dem who think they know everything but who are not up to date at all at all. and they quick to call out others on what they actually know...when they are nowhere close to any edge we have arrived at.

man is A product of an old mechanistic intellectual basis..in which to know things they killed it, dissected it, listed all its parts by names they game them and then said they knew all about it.

but while they knew the parts they did not know how they worked in combination in particularly body in relationship to its environment. so they got themselves into enormous trouble until materialism came around. it is no enough to study things in death but in life as well..far more important in fact.

and when we do that we understand transformation, entropy etc..how things began at earlier points. in fact we can hardly speak of beginnings for it is know that all life on earth evolved from BACTERIA...the earliest point. SO WHERE DID MICROSCOPIC LIFE COME FROM THEN.

transformations all along the way giving rise to more and more phenomena. and in things themselves all sorts of potential that makes even individual entities diverse in themselves..far less external diversity.. making adaptability possible almost endlessly. eternally?

so humans for example contain all biological aspects of the species in one individual., whichever frame expresses at the crucial points determining what dominates or makes a gender helping to shape a resulting personality

and as human science reveals all of this they make a man woman and a woman a man, they can change a man so that he can have a baby...or least carry a pregnancy to term from an implanted embryo, even producing breast milk.

so god made what then...man and woman fixed in their gender?

nutten 'tall go so. within the biological spectrum of man and woman anything is possible. man and woman could only be complimentary if gender was fixed and only man woman from conception was possible. them man and woman would make an essential whole.

but we have come to a point when all that we are is coming to knowledge. and all that has been happening explicable. we have bullers because it is possible within the human biological spectrum and nature is not perfect. what can most certainly be done is to find out what is going on in nature, the 'mistakes' it makes to produce gays and correct it in the womb.

of humans will do even worse than nature and make all sorts of humans too.... so that we are the beginning of a wild west of biological manipulation including clones.

then again humanity is very close to a monumental extension of life expectancy. in a hundred years people may have figured out how to live well beyond what we now live. oh bwoy! imagine the changes when an individual can live 150 years....when to get married, when to have children

man doh have a clue about materialism and life in process,,how it came and what it actually contains, how it moves, the relativity and interconnections of everything in movement and what movement forces.

Pheeeeeeeeeeew. the many-sided, dynamic nature of life. man mus' be confuse and fraid dat direction. so he stick to his mechanistic, linear, idealistic abstract way and looking to beat up on people from that entirely wrong basis
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