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Re: GILs is A Black Fascist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:57 am
by Gils
I know yuh vex with me GILs but I am not with you. you cyar take critique and fight back if yuh have to. yuh hol' emotional opinion

:?: Fascist who cant fight back :geek:

Emotional opinion, like when you call people Nazi's, akin to Israeli oppressors or fascists, while you're busy wishing " rods of punishment " on the deceased in hell :geek:

Critique, is what you disingenuously call it, when its a clear attempt to marginalise claims for SOVEREIGN RIGHTS, and then gain moral high ground.

Newsflash : There is no moral high ground in suppressing sovereign rights.

MapOui : :?: whats the difference between the dunce and the clever fool.

The dunce will simply run away from claims he cant prove while the clever fool will claim he doesn't have to prove a thing....before running away from claims he cant prove.

Re: GILs is A Black Fascist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:28 am
by mapoui2
what is moral high ground :?

I doh waste my time lookin' fuh wat does not exist! moral high ground..or what man create out of thin air and say god say dat, so we must follow god.

the man say murder is wrong..god say dat too, follow god...while nobody murder like he. the man say murder is unethical, the depriving of a human of their life..while all time he popping people fuh murder, behind bars, electric chair or fruit cocktail, injection. and when we look closely we see all dem who get pop is ordinary like you and me.. and we get pop not because we guilty but because we poor.

so the man doh take the moral high ground..he occupy he make it. he always there and he is not moral at all..according to the coordinates of the high ground he himself create, out of thin air.

and when we look closer we find that there is another morality, one that was subsumed under the moral one the man make out of thin air..the real one set by nature that say survival is all..that survival is leaned from what we discover about reality and put to use to make things better all the time. that we live because we do that..and do that because we live. so morality is a changing evolving thing, wedded to what we know of life on any day we still here in existence..if we learn enough in time to save we life.

learn enuff quickly because what we know is not all that changes. the whole environment changes and all that we don't know and what we don't know is 99% of all that exist..and that lack of knowledge expands all the time. like we up a shit creek eh..on we moral high ground :lol: :lol: :lol:

on that basis I don't see who is not a fool clever or not..or fool period.. in the life. we never know enuff to make us smart. we all are fools to a greater or lesser extent in this life. to prove my point take a look at the world. if humanity is not on its deathbed I have no idea what terminal illness is. and we have not gotten to this point due to human brilliance but by pure naked stupidity.


I see the word as a whole and all people from the one, same root. but critically I see us all in a boat, sailing a vast universal sea, facing the same problems and the and best response we have, the one that gives us our best chance in nature is collective, cooperative human social movement. we have not learned that yet..and how to get there.

if a man have a plan for one spot in the sea of trouble..of danger really for it to be positive it should be exemplary, yuh know, for others to see and follow its success. given the nature of life all separation is silly ultimately..near and far. human life will be collective, cooperative or it will be toast..and we are almost there...toast.

so you make no sense to me save you are collective, exemplary, even if to get there your plan is one singular area of focus Jamaica....Jamaica, west indies the world...yuh know, like Mau Tse Tung..set up shop in an area and did there what he wanted to do for the whole world, and let the people see it. when they saw it they saw it was good, better, and wanted it too.

not so long ago Portia was bawlin' !!! Jamaica debt to GDP ratio was like 150%. National bankruptcy, national financial default....weyyyyyyyy!

I can assure you that it has not gotten better in the meantime. and strangely, Barbados is the same state or worse. same threat..national financial failure. look around some more and see in our home region only Trinidad is solvent due to revenues from oil and gas.

and when we do look dat is not all we see. we see that financial phenomena is one kind of collective movement as well, global, the result of the work of a financial mafia that has corralled the world and is bleeding it to death.

that proves that no mater which way the world turns in whatever forms of activity, even crooked and murderous, it is a collective, a whole..all are affected, involved. no matter how it looks to the contrary that is the way it is. there can be and will be no real separation. sooner or later the collectivity asserts itself wholly even if for a time the connection had become strained, hostile. the connection never ends, never breaks just changes emotional tone as we go so far.

and there is reason/cause for the emotional tone changes but they too can end and change to the cause of peace and prosperity and cooperation. the hostile exploitative is coming to an end, must end if we are to live. we must take the moral high ground created out of thing air and consign it back from whence it thin air...and replace it with the real ground which we should not have left in the first place. the real ground..nature, earth natural environment and the ever evolving coordinates these establish for life/survival, that humans must learn, become facile in dealing with, living in... or die, go extinct

so what are you talking about then..what sovereignty you talking about then? you have a plan to set Jamaica on the right course in the world :?

go right ahead. and you will find that the harder you work and the more success you achieve that Jamaica will be more in the world than ever. just like they come for reggae they will come for whatever you do well, creatively, sweetly. same way you will find that must accommadate the world, make way and room, incorporate, relate. so I encourage your Jamaica focus in that way, in that sense. and I hope that is the way you are headed.

but you don't talk that way. you talk Nazism and that pisses me off. it pisses off other west indian black people for in our souls we know we are a collective and even if heard obliquely, that separatist-superior-nationalist talk from black people bothers other black people even when we not fully conscious at the moment. we hear it and something nags all to hell. it is that kind of talk.

black people are at the root..or are the root.. of all that is human. ALL. we are the world.

our current pioneering spirit must be to lead the world back to a whole and to indefinite survival, inclusive. that is at one and the same time our responsibility and group/class interest.

we all..the human species..will not survive unless we make cooperative society, replacing the exploitative principle now driving social movement. that is the responsibility of black people most of all, for we are the most exposed of all human groups. to live we must revolutionise society... save the human species by re-establishing the truth of existence and living by that truth. and that truth means cooperation, inclusion, peace..not the opposite of that

Re: GILs is A Black Fascist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:51 am
by Gils

Re: GILs is A Black Fascist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:54 am
by mapoui2
Gils wrote:Oh, so I see you calm down now. :lol:

Now you're prepared to ask questions, 1st you had everything pon lock, but now you finished making anymore claims, OK lol

Now you asking questipns and want to know what moral high ground is its the space you try to occupy without proving your point.

that is just your take on what I said man...your opinion. you must have been upset and transfered your emotion to my post
I was calm all the time

Re: GILs is A Black Fascist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:56 am
by mapoui2
Now you're prepared to ask questions, 1st you had everything pon lock, but now you finished making anymore claims, OK lol

instigatory...instigation. that's what those were. you took them literally

b**ch, and then switch

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:01 pm
by Gils
Oh, so I see you calm down now. :lol:

Now you're prepared to ask questions,

1st you had everything pon lock, but now you finished making all your wild claims, OK lol

Now you asking ethical questions, and want to know what moral high ground is :lol: one minute you busy calling people fascist but now you wanna abandon that to talk moral high're good yes.

Here's a clue, do you promote the :?: suppression of SOVEREIGN RIGHTS, because I know I don't :lol:

( can you wait until I've finished my post)

Re: GILs is A Black Fascist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:16 pm
by mapoui2
you too emotional man..making you see shadows.

you weren't supposed to respond to my original post the way you did. at worst you should have considered it teasing.

that's usually what I am doing..looking to cause trouble, argument, debate..tickling a situation. you are too emotional. I know you..committed to what you believe, honest to your view, would go a long way with your perspective.

it could be hard and painful for a person like you to learn the world. you must make a lot of ideological enemies, among people who think different and cant be bothered with intense committed stuff.

I was playing with your mind by telling you straight up in hard langauge what you read like. you shud have seen that and simply fought back in as broad a manner as you could. but you dont appear to like airing your case.

I have had finally to impute and suggest one which is what I just did by considering your options in your focus on Jamaica. but you should have told us what you are about..what your intent is. you cant talk sports alone when you intimate a nationalist ideological perspective by your approach

Re: GILs is A Black Fascist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:36 pm
by Gils
" Newsflash : There is no moral high ground in suppression "

Look at what you purposely overlook, to deliberately avoid speaking about your desire for the suppression of sovereign rights.

I promote the protection and full expression of SOVEREIGN RIGHTS :!:

You, it cannot be denied, are opposed to that so you, if anyone, are the one who is most likely to be on " slippery ground ".

Every time you deny those rights.

Re: GILs is A Black Fascist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:39 pm
by mapoui2
suppression of SOVEREIGN RIGHTS, because I know I don't

I no longer hold to much of a permanent nature, save the really essential things...democracy, cooperative economy not a zero sum one..that would give rise to all that is civilized...public health system, housing and education as essentials that must be collectively paid for.

I have no rigid ideological perspective that would limit my movement in getting to these essential and permanent social requirements. all of that is up for negotiation with me at all times.

I have no monopoly on truth. not even the entire human collective has anything resembling truth...far less monopoly. but meeting the essential needs of humanity gives us the best chance of survival.. is permanent responsibility and reality and society must be organised accordingly. that is true, essential or we will cease being here.

so the essentials actually dictate how we must organise to live at all times. thats ground level morality..the low and real ground..or the real high ground call it what you wish. but that is true

so I would say sovereign rights sure.... but how, why, in response to what conditions?

how we respond is critical as I said. what those rights meant in 1958 may not be what they mean in 2014. time and social advance surely requires some necessary adjustment.

nationalism is very important, independence..sovereignty as you say. but it cant be idealist to extremes, rigid, doctrinaire. if it is it would be very bad in every situation. that has always been bad and failed.

that is at least one fear you raise

whatever you do in jamaica must take into consideration the rest of the english speaking west indies/caribbean as a whole. you have to be committed to what is basic and right but you cant exist in isolation and you do not need to. you should not to be a cause of hostility from who are really your the region and outside of it

so you see where I am coming from.

Re: GILs is A Black Fascist

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 1:03 pm
by Gils
i have no rigid ideological perspective

But it appears you find little trouble confining me to " rigid ideological " terms like fascist and separatist.

Some might say you approached the task with no little enthusiasm.

so you see where I'm coming from

Yes, clearly.