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Mike-Thanks for the invite.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:34 am
by rexmck
Mike - thank you for invite. Im here lets see how it goes.

I like the look of the site, but I was deterred when I saw the handles because by and large its all posters we know from the monster that Ryan has created.

Because I have strong views and because I can express them and because sadly most people dont have a frame of reference for people like me they often interpret stuff that I post as hate and as personal. They could not be more wrong.

I am interested in a WI cricket site where there is a frank and fair exchange. I would ask posters to stand outside of themselves and just weigh ideas that are presented and forget trying to understand or analyse the motivations of the poster concerned. You cant possibly do that effectively unless you are a clairvoyant. Do not take things personally, I do not know u and you do not know me.

Last, I like to see my self as a Pan-Africanist and in so far as the Caribbean is concerned it is my view that despite differences we are one, that includes, Chinese, Syrians, Indians and every thing else . Funadamentally it is my view that no one chooses where they are bor, so we dont choose nationality, race, the colour of our eyes etc. So I am not going to be part of any forum where WIndians are calling each other derogatory names. I tried that, it ended up badly. I wont even make any speech about it, I will just walk because time is precious.

Thanks. I'm here.

Re: Mike-Thanks for the invite.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:40 am
by BallOil
Welcome aboard you talk nah :)

Re: Mike-Thanks for the invite.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:55 am
by Googley
at least we know how Rex is bowling.... :lol:

I like to see my self as a Pan-Africanist

let me guess, Rex is a Viv Richards' fan! ;)

go ahead, bowl you ball Rex!

Mike Thanks for the invite

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2020 3:16 pm
by Robertdrark
Time to do an update on the pit manufacturers list
Does anyone have any builders they want added???? If you do, please post the company name or web link so that I can add it to the list.