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Damn Bolt said that? :shock: He's right about the politics though and he's obviously implying WI cricket there with those statements. I could also see a decline in sportsmen going after cricket especially in Trinidad since after this Gold Medal we'll be developing alot of athletes in field events more such as shot put, long jump, triple jump, pole jump etc..

In response to Maps above, I agree with all the stuff he has gotten though just not the land argument since we could indeed run out of land because they don't produce land unlike money.
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good fuh the wicb. deh will survive if they clean up their act and make a situation that vies successfully for local talent.

if not they will go extinct..which is not a problem to me in the end. I believe in the natural competiton of life. if you worthy yu make it. if you are not yu dont.

the wicb is an old, un-worthy, reactionary and backward, neo-colonists and undemocratic piece of crap..that cannot select. elect and have a good positive admin, because there is a parasitic committee in the centre of the organisation that controls things... in its own interest.

these A-holes selet the worst, oldest people in the westindies to be elected un-opposed to the chairmanship for eg. they dont care as long as the man is one of them, will not rock the boat and kerry on business as usual.

the wicb has gotten nowhere with that for 15 years +. and they wont change it.

so the youth look elsewhere...not to cricket. they see what it cricket is and make different choices early. and by the time deh shud be making deh test debut they doing somethng esle big time..for big money..and piss on cricket! :o :o

good fuh the wicb. may they die well! I know deh will die rich..for as long again as they last!
eff dem :o :x
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Nice stuff; but actually my gloom regarding the state of Wi cricket is slowly, slowly lifting. There is something in the air ... keep watching.
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howzdat wrote:Nice stuff; but actually my gloom regarding the state of Wi cricket is slowly, slowly lifting. There is something in the air ... keep watching.

I hope yu right man. Ilove my cricket but I am not that hopeful. we trounced the Kiwi and deh were really bad. I have never see the Kiwi this bad since they really learned how to play international cricket.

but the rot at the heart of westindies cricket, and the absolutely teribble people they have running the team..Gibson, Radford and Sammy..is not supposed to produce a winner. and I doubt it will

we have Bang next and some tuffies next year. we will soon see!

we have some very good players now: Narine, the young pace. but this admin cant deliver wih them... just as its old counterparts could not deliver with even greater players back in the fifties.

just as then it took a revo to put worrell in and change the course of things to the positive..just so we go have to roust the stinking parasites at Facotory Road mow, and put in proper people to get a decent team again.

we thought we had seen the last of those reactionary, neo-colonialist fools with independence. the skunts an dem jess went into hibernation and came out wen all the celebration done, to bite we again :x :x :x
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The interesting debate is this...will the success of Walcott, and the continued decline of the West Indies team, result in sports fans from the eastern Caribbean shifting their focus on heroes away from cricket and towards athletics? I saw that trend when I visited BIm in September and April, and that surprised me, because Barbados always was the headquarters of cricket. And with the politics surrounding WI cricket, will talented young sports men and women feel that they have a better chance of unfettered success if they choose athletics instead of cricket?
mike: I see international athletics as cuttign adge administration

the big countries look for talent globally, bring it home, train it, give university education

the global athletic admininstration facilitates this and creates showcases for developing and developed talent.

smaller countries..Cuba, Venezuela, Jamaica are utterly creative in developing world class talent with small respources.

and there are lots of rewards for talent at all levels. the least players come out with would be university educations and exposure to the entire world, contacts everywhere. that makes for excellent professional futures for all in their jobs/careers.

while athletics, basketball, tennis, golf..are looking for the best talent and relentlessly bringing it forward..wicb are selecting players for who they are not what they bring to the game. their criteria for selecting the captain is where he is from and his supine character and lap dog outlook.

similarly for coach and all his assistants...and all the officials of the wicb. the wicb is a stink, wretched, anachronistic organsation, constructed for life in the 19teenth century, not in this current world.

that is why westindies cricket has failked utterlay, miserably since the neo-colonisiast, ore-cookie blac eliets ascended to the cricket throne since 1995. they brought total failure and ruin to westindies cricket..instituted a decline so deep that it seems well set to become the westindian way now.

not even englands old decline back in the eighties anfd ninties of the last centurey was as deep, dark and hopeless as this current westindian decline.

piss on westindies cricket administration. it is the most disgusting spectacle in internbational sports at this time in the hisotry of the human bean band
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"Olympic gold medallist and recipient of the Order of the Republic of T&T Keshorn Walcott is advocating the use of sport to help reduce crime in T&T. President George Maxwell Richards presented Walcott with the country’s highest award at yesterday’s National Awards ceremony. Among those in the audience were Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Jamaican prime minister Portia Simpson-Miller, Guyana prime minister Sam Hinds and Prime Minister of St Vincent Ralph Gonsalves."

http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2012-09- ... ight-crime" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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