Obama Sells Out..... Again! Scandal!

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Ramzy Baroud is interesting though late to the party. the 'Bribe' scandal...and scandal it is...was always about Israel and the solidification of its movement, intent and appropriations in the middle east. Obama has to find justification for his permanent yes to Israel as he goes, all along the way. Baroud is only now finding out that the Obama presidency is an open turned on spigot to Israel/Jews, from the belly of america, that Barack H Obama is nothing but a front, an empty suit, a spineless toad and lackey, whose disappearance from the global political scene would be to the advantage of all ordinary people, for in dealing with the enemy they will no longer have to deal with blac skin before they got to the enemy of the people part!

Obama is a total embarrassment to blac people, at least to those who are not conscious of the world for the past 40-60 years, have not observed that since Kwame Nkrumah in 1958..a sincere leader... to Nelson Mandella and Jacob Zuma currently, through the westindians Williams, Manley, Adams, Eric Gairy and Vere Bird and the current westindian blac and brown elites, back to Africa and leaders like Yoweri Musaveni, Paul Kagame, the evil entity that now leads Ethiopia by the name of Melles Zenawi, the entire African elite class that appears to have sold out to the enemies of Africa...the world has witnessed a parade of black leaders who have been and are, some of the worst human beings ever to emerge into the punlci consciousness.

and when we get into american politics we find the same trajectory, from the brilliant and courageous leaders of the real struglle, Henry Sylvester Williams, Garvey, MLK and Malcolm, we have arrived at this the day of the opportunists who have exploited the strulle, corralled all its benefits, and now lead blac americans back into the servitude the original leaders fough against, literally gave their lives for. bnlac america now sports Barack Obama at its head, a man so obsequious to his mentors who are not blac , so incredibly 'liard' that to listent to his beautiful voice with an open mind is like walking into icy weather without a coat to protect yourself.

and very instructive are the women in Obamas working life, his administration....Sotmayor and Kagan to the supreme court, Hillary at the forrin office, Susan Rice at the UN. these are some truly awful people indeed, especially Kagan a truly frightening figure for she appears to contain in her one self all that is evil in life, at one and the same time. is Kagan a man or a woman? she is Jewish and has adherred to the Jewish proram throughout her career to date. she is also a proven , extreme racist. and now seh along with the others have been empowered by Obama, even as he allowed his chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel to destroy long-standing blac leadership in the american congress on trivialities, to facilitate Jewish take-over of the leadership of these powerful congressional committees, that the blac congressmen had won by long service in the american house of representastives.

those who have paid some attention to the flow of things during these recent decades would know that the mere fact of being blac does not gurantee the quality or sincerity of a leader, relative to the ineterst of blac and ordinary people. the key is for the people to be fully organised around their collective interests, and instruct their representarives of what they want of them in the congress. and if these do not carry out the peoples directions, there must be a political mechanism by and through which they can be removed from office immediately... not 2 or 4 years down the line when some mandated term is up, but immediately.

people have seen through Obama already, less than 2 years it took this time around, not 2 continous presidencies, to discover the fraud in the suit, sitting in the chair, the great 'decider' who is nothing but a Jewish joke played on the rest of us! thankfully blac people did not get up and vote for the democrats this time around and so Obama lost the house. Obama will lose his next election for the presidency.. assuming he is not challenged from within the democratic party for the nomination... for the same reason. Blac Americans will not vote for Obama again. and that is a positive development for the people but not for Obama. the polls already reveal this fact opening up democratic doors for a challegne to the incument he is at this stage, almost certain to lose!
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