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Explainer: The path to Cricket World Cup 2023 - ICC Cricket

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2023 7:22 am
by Newsram
Explainer: The path to Cricket World Cup 2023  ICC Cricket

As we near the business end of the Cricket World Cup 2023 qualification pathway, 15 teams are still in the race for the final three available spots.

From 32 teams gunning for 10 spots back in 2019, seven already boast a spot at the Cricket World Cup already, while 10 teams are out of the running.

The final stages of the Super League, the Cricket World Cup Qualifier and the Qualifier Playoff will all dictate how the final spots will be determined.

Six months out from the start of the Cricket World Cup, a look at how the field currently looks.

Spots secured for Cricket World Cup 2023: 7
Teams already qualified: India, New Zealand, England, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan

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